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- A portfolio of the multi-talented, Brian Jared

Image Gallery

Here are some photographs and images that Brian Jared has created.

Photos Used in this Portfolio

My favicon.ico

I had no idea what to create for a favicon for my portfolio, so I tried to make a QR Code. It was over 16 pixels wide. So, I found a datamatrix 2D barcode generator that worked, and then I added a little artistic flair to it ... and it still works!

The Edge of the Storm

A storm was rolling in. North was grey and stormy, but South was the sunniest, most beautiful sky ever.

The Balancing Can

You'll occasionaly see Brian Jared balancing cans on their bottom edge. It's just something he does.

Rolled Sheet of Foam

Brian got the idea to take a photo down the middle of a rolled up sheet of packing foam.

Monster and Girl

Brian Jared is guilty of occasionally playing with his kids' toys. This is a photo of the 38 Studios Green Monster, "Munch" antagonizing an innocent Playmobil girl on a train.

The Blinds

Brian Jared really likes patterns and light, and he especially likes taking photos to potentially use as wallpaper on his iPhone.

Pre-Minecraftified Photo

Step 1 - Brian Jared wanted to make a blocky portrait of himself on the side of a mountain on his Minecraft server, so he took a self-portrait to start with.


Step 2 - First, Brian Jared selected the blocks he wanted to work with. He decided on 8 different block types. He scaled the row down to an 8x1 image so GIMP could determine the average color of the blocks, then he saved it as a color palette. He then applied that palette to his photo, scaled the photo down to the dimensions he wanted it inside the game, and used it as a blueprint that he could reference. It was constructed in Minecraft by hand.


Step 3 - This is the resulting wall with Brian Jared's face on it.

Blender Renderings

Marian, Inc. Logo -- In 3D!

Brian Jared decided he needed to learn Blender, and challenged himself to make a 3D version of a client's logo. It ended up not being much of a challenge, but he had a blast doing it in his spare time, just to see if he could do it.

Monkey Expressions

While Brian Jared was going through his Blender book, he was learning about Shape Keys, and he made a few expressions on the infamous Suzanne, a built-in Blender object. He rendered this specifically for his 1920x1200 screen resolution so he could use it as a desktop image.

Wax Monkeys

Brian Jared was playing around with diffuse subsurface scattering in Blender, as well as a testing a 3-point lighting setup. He was very pleased with the results. Suzanne is very photogenic, don't you think?

Random Photos

Me, Myself and I

It was a nice day, and Brian Jared had an idea. Brian had his friend take three photos of him, and he used GIMP to stitch them together. He didn't plan for the car sinking an inch or so by sitting in it, but he made it work.

Piano Recital DVD Background

Brian wishes he had a higher resolution of this image. Brian Jared needed a background image for a DVD he was authoring for his piano teacher, so he took some photos of his Yamaha S90 keyboard.

Frost Pattern

One morning Brian Jared found an amazing pattern of frost on his car. He thought the detail in the ice crystals was amazing, so he took this photo.

My Indulgences

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